Tile & ceramic

We can offer you below range of Products for the specific use in different Ceramic industries.


Refractory Material

manufacturer: RATH

Country : Austria - Germany- Hungary

Lining for hearth & chamber kiln, roller, tunnel High alumina refractory brick Polycrystalline wool


Dosing Systems

manufacturer: VIDMAR

Country : Spain

Automatic dynamic weighing systems Belt weigh feeders Charging system for raw material milling Equipment for inject the fuel to furnace Control and automation systems


Conveyor Belt

manufacturer: BANDO

Country : Japan

Conveyer belt


Pneumatic Conveying

manufacturer: NOL_TEC EUROPE

Country : Italy

Bag Filters Wet Scrubbers conveying systems for raw materials from trucks and wagons to silo storage conveying systems to the composition dosing systems pneumatic conveying systems to furnaces


Lime Plants

manufacturer: CIMPROGETTI

Country : Italy

Quick lime & hydrated lime plants and equipment


Electrical Actuators

manufacturer: MECVEL

Country : Italy

Actuators and screw jack for gates


Shoe Brakes

manufacturer: GALVI

Country : Italy

Shoe brake used in overhead crane and as backstop for Inclined Conveyors